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Golf Course In Newmarket, Ontario

A golf course is an essential part of the golf game and when it comes to choosing a golf course, golfers have varied preferences on which golf course to play. With that being said, if you are living in Ontario, Canada, you must be wondering as to which golf course would be best for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the best golf courses in Newmarket, Ontario. So, let’s have a look at the golf courses to know more about them.

St. Andrew’s Valley Golf Course

Golf Course In Newmarket, OntarioSt. Andrew’s Valley Golf Course is located in between Aurora and Newmarket. Blessed with 7,304-yard and an 18-hole course, this golf course boasts several modern amenities. It includes a pro shop and a clubhouse. Even the visitors can enhance their golf skills from the teaching and training center. They can also practice golfing to improve their practical game on the driving range.

Address: 368 St. Johns Sideroad East, Aurora, ON

Telephone: 1 905 727-7888

Cardinal Golf Club – West Wing

Golf Course In Newmarket, OntarioCardinal Golf Club is a famous golf course in Newmarket, which is a short drive to the east portion of the area. This amazing golf course will challenge all types of golfers including beginner, intermediate, and professional golfers. What’s more, the golf course includes three 18-hole courses with a short course. The short course is convenient for families. There is also a mini-putt and driving range, which are located on-site. In fact, this west wing golf course features water hazards and big ash trees.

Address: 2740 Davis Drive West, Newmarket, ON

Telephone: 1 905 841-7378

Cardinal Golf Club – RedCrest

Golf Course In Newmarket, OntarioAnother Cardinal Golf course, which includes three 18-holes and a short course, designed for families. The measurement of this golf course stands at 6800 yards, which makes it a par-71 championship golf course. The entire golf course is surrounded by flamboyant bunkers with surging green tree, and large wetland, all of which come into play on 14 holes. In truth, the RedCrest Golf Course is a beautiful golf course, which will raise the game of any golfer to another level.

Address: 2740 Davis Drive West, Newmarket, ON

Telephone: 1 905 841-7378

Cardinal Golf Club – Kettle Creek

Golf Course In Newmarket, OntarioThe Kettle Greek Golf Course is part of the Cardinal Golf Course. It is an executive golf course, where you can play for two and a half hour. In fact, this golf course is perfect for people who are on borrowed time. It is suitable for golf players including beginners, families, seniors, and juniors. It also features all the amenities of other Cardinal Golf Courses including three 18-hole courses with 18-hole executive courses.

Address: 2740 Davis Drive West, Newmarket, ON

Telephone: 1 905 841-7378

Cardinal Golf Club – East Wing

Golf Course In Newmarket, OntarioThe east wing golf course is the last golf course from Cardinal Golf Club, which has the same location as the other golf courses. With three 18-hole courses, a mini-putt, and a driving range, this golf course features a wide range of terrain changes on the front nine. There is lush green trees all around the golf course, which requires accurate shot from the golfers on the back nine.

Address: 2740 Davis Drive West, Newmarket, ON

Telephone: 1 705 841-7378

Glenway Country Club

Golf Course In Newmarket, OntarioThe final golf course on our list is the Glenway Country Club, which is a public golf club. It includes exciting amenities including tennis and squash court, a licensed restaurant, a sauna, a fitness center, and a whirlpool. You can host a wide range of events at the golf course such as wedding event, business meeting, conferences, golf tournaments, and banquets. This 18-hole golf course is a championship golf course, meaning that it’s a perfect place for all kinds of golfers.

Address: 470 Crossland Gate, Newmarket, ON

Telephone: 1 905 853-5590

Bottom Line

The bottom line is all the above golf courses in Newmarket, Ontario are suitable for any golfers. These golf courses even offer entertainment alternatives to ensure the golfers or visitors don’t get bored while playing. So, let us know if we have missed something by commenting below.

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Different Types of Paintball Fields

Paintball game is played in different styles, and every style is played in a unique field. The field you choose determines how the paintball game develops and the way you shoot up your opponents. The field and the gun that you use are major factors to consider when deciding where to play paintball game and every person has the style they prefer, and it determines the field they will visit. Have a look at the article below to learn about different types of paintball fields.

Speedball Field

Different Types of Paintball FieldsThis is one of the most popular paintball fields and is ideal for those who play often. Most, if not all paintball fields are extremely well organized and the setting of the field is well managed to ensure a good flow of the game. Speedball field is developed on a level surface and these fields have a variety of light weight bunkers that can be moved easily. These bunkers are inflatable, and they can be positioned at specific locations to make the game interesting. Speedball fields are developed in both indoor and outdoor settings and you can play several speedball field games on the same day because they are fast. Have in mind that SpeedBall fields are usually more expensive than other types of field. Additionally, the short distance of the field requires additional paint ball because of excessive shooting.

Woodsball Field

Different Types of Paintball FieldsWoods ball field is good for outdoor paintball games because the fields have a natural setting, but there are some human-made obstacles such as barrels, tires, and bunkers. You need to develop several strategies and establish different starting positions for you to be able to enjoy the game. Woods ball field requires regular maintenance and therefore, in order to play on WoodsBall field may be more expensive than other fields. The things that require maintenance include bunkers and uneven ground. Additionally, the ground looks like a military training field and Woodsball field is excellent choice for beginners

Outlaw Field

Different Types of Paintball FieldsThese are non-professional fields created by the players themselves. They are mostly found in parks, on farm houses, and at home garden. These fields require little resources to create. Usually, these fields lack professional management and players lack necessary field support. It is important that players set their rules before the game starts because these rules will assist in dispute resolution. Moreover, you should also set safety rules before you start playing in outlaw field. Most of all, before playing this game in any field, it is crucial that you ask for permission from property owners.

Urban Warfare Field

Different Types of Paintball FieldsThe field looks like an Urban Battle Field. Urban warfare field has many hiding places and the field is constructed where there are real obstacles such as ambush spots. Players play as a team and the game requires the players to develop a playing strategy for them to win in this game.

Games played on an urban warfare field require players to have leadership skills and believe in their abilities for them to overcome the enemy. Defeated mindset is one of the main reason players never enjoy the game. Leadership skills and self-confidence help a player to plan how to overcome the enemy before attacking. Urban warfare field uses naturally available materials and this type of game requires more mental skills than physical strength.


This above list covers the different types of paintball fields and here are also the most common types of paintball fields. But people do design other fields depending on the environment and according to the intended purpose. Therefore, it is important to understand your playing needs and style in order to practice your skills. It goes without saying that the more you practice, the better you become. In other words, it does not matter what field you play as long as you are determined to improve your skills and practice a lot.

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