5 Best Canadian Golfers of All Time


5 Best Canadian Golfers of All Time

Canada has a rich history of golfer as the country has produced some of the finest golfers in the world. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the five best Canadian golfers of all time. Let’s move forward and know about them in detail.

Mike Weir

Best Canadian Golfers of All TimeMichael Richard Weir is considered as the greatest golfer that is Canada ever produced. He is a left-hander and well known for his 2003 Masters victory. Weir is the only Canadian to win a major championship.Besides that, from 2001-2005 he spent 110 weeks in the top-10 golfer by the official golf ranking. In his golf career, he has won eight PGA Tour and many of his victories came under very intense competition. That’s why he is highly praised than Knudson’s. In addition to that, he has won an aggregate of 15 worldwide events plus five times he has completed the Presidents Cup. It is because of the recent victory and the Masters Tournament that make him the only contender for the top spot on this list.

George Knudson

Best Canadian Golfers of All TimeGeorge Knudson was highly praised as a sweet swinger for all over his career. This is very pathetic that this highly talented and skilled golfer has died just at 51 from a lung cancer. However, with eight PGA Tour titles, he holds the record for the most win as a Canadian, obviously along with Weir. Besides, Knudson has finished in three top-10s in his only seven Masters Tournament appearances. He has won 27 times globally, together with five Canadian PGA tournament.

Stan Leonard

Best Canadian Golfers of All TimeStan Leonard won three PGA tournaments, including the amusing Western Open in the year of 1960. He was well known for one of the longest hitters and finest ball strikers of his time. Leonard won eight Canadian PGA tournaments as well as 16 other professional events on the PGA Tour Canada. In addition to that, Stan Leonard was included as a fellow of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame.

Moe Norman

Best Canadian Golfers of All TimeIf this were a list of the best Canadian accurate ball-strikers ever, no other than Moe Norman would have ranked top by a tremendous margin. He was known as the “Pipeline Moe” for his ability and precision to hit shots perfectly through endless hours. Many believe that if he got enough support in the USA which he had in Canada, his career record on the PGA could have been a noteworthy one. Rather, he participated in the PGA Tournament infrequently. However, his professional record in Canada is just superb with 55 wins in PGA Tour Canada as well as two Canadian Men’s Amateur.

Stephen Ames

Best Canadian Golfers of All TimeStephen Ames was born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1964, he married a Canadian air hostess thus carries dual citizenship. He won four PGA tours and three internationals. His most noteworthy triumph was The Players Championship, 2006, with an impressive six shots. Apart from Weir’s 2003 Masters victory, Ames’ Players Championship win is one of the incredible performance in professional golf tour by a Canadian in recent times. In his 254 starts, Ames has totaled top-10 finishes in 58th times.